Strategic Planning For A Multi Stakeholder System

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Introduction This study will show us how to act within a multi stakeholder system within a company and also frame effective strategic planning policies that will help the company to expand their business in comparatively newer markets and also enhance the customer service. The study has been done on Centrica Plc who has achieved success within this multi stakeholder system business. This study will give us ideas to frame strategic planning and also help us to know how to do proper strategic planning within this system of business. 1.1Governance and Alliance Structures – how well was the development of a shared strategy achieved by CENTRICA The companies in modern days see governance and strategic alliance as one of the important tools…show more content…
Strategic alliance always helps to keep pace with the growing competition and changing trends within the market (Freeman 2010). In recent years the importance of strategic alliance has grown rapidly as the organizations have felt the need of keeping the hold over their respective market that seems to become extremely competitive due to the rise of new entrants. Nowadays it has become a trend for different multinational companies to increase and expand their business through effective strategic alliance. Centrica Plc is a multinational utility company that has exceptionally strategized their alliances and diversified their business all across UK and other countries. Nowadays the companies not only have alliance with the other companies but also extend their alliances with the consumers, stake holders, investors, suppliers, research centres and also with some universities. It can be said that the recent strategic alliance is more complex in nature involving not only companies but also other resources which are very important in regards to success. Present researches shows that with growing number alliances have increased the opportunity of diversity have also increased. One of the common determinants is the formal structure used to organize the cooperation. This topic has been the subject of numerous researches and every time the alliance structure has been studied differently to analyse alliance performance. In this case it
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