Strategic Planning For A Non Profit

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I work for a non-profit that is working with low-income households to help them keep their utilities connected in times of financial hardship. The program is funded by the state and its structure and scope are constantly being debated and modified. As a result, agencies like mine often take a reactionary approach to managing their programs. However, undergoing a process of strategic planning for energy assistance can help us "to align [our] priorities with changing conditions and opportunities" (Berman, 2006, p. 64).

Berman (2006) outlines 4 stages of strategic planning. The first is a pre-planning phase (Berman, 2006). During this stage, it is important for organizations to assess how ready their organization is for implementing change. Berman (2006, p. 67) says there are five main stages of change: having an urgent need for change, having support from top management, having support from a "critical mass" of people in the department, achieving early successes to demonstrate the potential benefit of the change, and, finally, both internal and external stakeholders must trust you and the organization.

The Salvation Army is well-trusted in the community. A 1994 edition of the Chronicle of Philanthropy cited The Salvation Army as the fourth most popular charity in the United States (About The Salvation Army, n.d.). Likewise, we are one of the largest grantees for energy assistance in Michigan and are frequently being approached to participate in new innovative approaches…
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