Strategic Planning For Our Strategic Management Project Essay

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We have successfully completed the semester’s report on our strategic management project "Marsower".
In successful launch of our Chocolate Bouquet, we are thankful to several people without whom the launch would not have been possible. Worthy of our gratitude is the course instructor for providing us different information. We thank the professionals working in chocolate industry whom we have visited, consulted and got information. We thank our families for their support and coping up with our absences.
Finally, the members of the group are thankful to each other for supporting and complementing each other whenever there has been a need.

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Executive Summary
This summary aims at introducing strategic planning for our company Marsower’s Bouquet in the Pakistani market. The concept of a chocolate bouquet is quite new in this market as nobody is Pakistan is currently making this product. Although its available in countries like Australia and UK, but yet not available in Pakistan. Marsower is the start up in strategic of chocolate bouquet in Pakistan and it has the potential to command about 70 percent of the Pakistani chocolate market. The objective of this strategic plan is to successfully introduce the brand in the Pakistani market. The product shall be for masses, but the main target market segment will be the teens, adult population and the committed couples in the Pakistani market. It is expected that within three years,…
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