Strategic Planning For The House Business Office

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The need for strategic planning in the House Business Office is due to the rapidly changing technology industry. Every year, and most likely sooner than that, new or updated technology changes the way we conduct business. New technology makes us more efficient, which results in spending less money on old practices so that we can then put those funds towards future projects to aide in the betterment of the agency. Currently, Representative’s offices are allowed to decorate their offices in any manner they please. The only stipulation to this is the Carpenter shop employees must make all modifications. These modifications could be as simple as hanging a picture, or as complicated as mounting a television. As of now the Representatives offices contact the carpenters and request that these items be completed immediately, causing disruption in their daily duties. My suggestion is to have a system that the offices can submit a request online, and within an hour that office will have a timeframe that the request will be completed. By doing this the carpenters can plan around all of the requests and not be bombarded with requests and their daily duties all at once. The actors that would be involved in the strategic plan would be: the Business Office Director, the Head Carpenter, and the Director and Deputy Director of Information Systems. The role of the Business Director is to sign off on all aspects of the project. He would review all necessary items and either approve or
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