Strategic Planning : Green Ridge Tennessee And Hennepin County, Minnesota

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Strategic planning what is it exactly? Well it matching organizational objectives and capabilities to the demands of the environment and produce plan that hopefully ensure that the objectives are met. There are different type models of strategic planning like Real-Time Strategic Planning, Organic Strategic Planning, Issues-Based Strategic Planning, Conventional Strategic Planning and Alignment Model of Strategic Planning. Strategic planning usually deals more one particular issue. There are two examples of strategic planning that I would like to talk about and compare one is Oak ridge Tennessee and Hennepin County, Minnesota.
Oak ridge, Tennessee a city that was created by the United States during World war. It was originally an army camp
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The federal government generate no taxes and such had lower payment. Oak ridge never had taxable industrial base, this brings us to next problem paying for services. How government pays for services with taxes of course, either you higher people taxes or try to find taxable industry. In the mist of trying to increase the population you will also need to create jobs for population, schools for education purposes. But despite of having a reduce budget Oak ridge has always had good reputation in terms of providing its municipal services. Telephone surveys were conducted the public saw the government being responsible solving problems in terms of growth and development. Many citizens/groups expressed a need for comprehensive plan to better articulate politics, goals and strategies. The interested citizens formed “coalition for a master plan,” which they try to encourage Oak Ridge City County to fund and undertake planning process.
Assistant city manager was in charge to design planning effort for the community. In March 1984 there was proposal to develop a comprehensive plan it was brought forth to the city council. There were four important that were suggested as objectives; one that entire community was to be involved, second the city council was to directly participate in development of the plan and they would also approve the final product. Third the resulting plan would be easily understood and be readily available to the
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