Strategic Planning : Mission And Strategic Objectives

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Strategic planning is one of the most critical human resource management challenges facing both the private and public health sectors in today’s market. Strategic planning can equip University Hospital with the methodology to go from a decentralized platform to a centralized platform. Effective strategic planning requires a strong Human Resources department and also strong executive leadership as well. This will help show a clearly articulated vision, mission and strategic objectives. Strategic planning takes cooperative and supportive efforts by HR, leadership and all other staff involved in the process itself. To make the strategic plan of centralization a reality, HR professionals will be called upon to master new roles as leaders and business partners within University Hospital. Strategic planning, when done right, can be a powerful tool to help University Hospital centralize their Human Resources department.

Human Resources Strategic Plan The Department of Human Resources (HR) is viewed by some organizations as an administrative function and they tend to overlook the need and opportunity to align them within the organizations strategic plans and goals (Kokemuller, 2015). The design and
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