Strategic Planning : Mission And Vision

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Strategic Planning Process Introduction Strategic planning involves the process of making decisions that affect the organization as well as providing guidance and highlighting quantifiable goals (Bryson, 2011). An organization adheres to its mission and vision statement to fulfil its short-term and long-term objectives. However, there are instances when issues affecting daily operations necessitate the adjustment of the organization’s overall objectives. When there is a need for long-term changes, the organization will engage in strategic change cycles that involve changing or improving the vision and mission statement, and devising new plans of making them a reality. An organization’s strategic mission should be extensive to guide both personnel and management, and it should be narrow enough to focus on the primary objectives (Bryson, 2011). Strategic plans are widely expressed in quantifiable goals since they set explicit and tangible goals articulated in terms of people’s capacity and designated timelines. Therefore, quantifiable goals and statement values are critical to an organization because they allow managers and personnel to assess progress and monitor organizational growth. This paper seeks to discuss and evaluate all aspects pertaining to the strategic change cycle using Acuity Insurance as a case analysis. Some of the elements that will be analysed include identifying opportunities, setting goals, and assessing progress. Organizational Mandate A mandate is
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