Strategic Planning : Mission And Vision

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Strategic planning is a process of developing a set of steps for the organization to use to accomplish its mission and vision. The plan takes on a broad perspective of the organization and is accomplished through strategic thinking which draws upon the past, understands the present, and envisions a better future. The plan requires an analysis of the organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and, threats both internal, and external to the organization (Falk, 2015). Nursing leadership is an integral part of the development, and implementation of the plan. To understand the Veterans Administrations
Medical Center we must: understand the organizations mission, and vision, identify the nurse executives role, and what influence she has in the strategy process, what unique challenges face the organization, and how the plan was developed to fulfill the mission, vision, values, and trends. The organizations”
Blueprint for Excellence “provides guidance for transforming the Veterans Health Administration from a provider-centric to a Veteran -centric organization. The mission of our medical center is to “Honor American 's Veterans by providing exceptional healthcare that improves their health, and well- being “(Department of Veteran Affairs, Mission
Statement, 2013). The vision states “we will continue to be the benchmark of excellence, and value in healthcare, and benefits by providing exemplary services that are both patient-centered, and evidence-
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