Strategic Planning : Mission Statement And Goals

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Strategic Planning Process The purpose of strategic planning is to help position the organization to achieve a larger competitive fit in its environment in order to accomplish its goals (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). A strategic plan looks at everything an organization could accomplish and confines it to the things it is essentially good at doing and assists in deciding where to spend time, human capital, and money. There are several steps organizations should follow in the strategic planning process. The strategic planning process begins with the construction of a mission statement and goals. Strategic planning needs managers to frequently analyze the internal and external environments by evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; reconsider the organization 's mission statement, goals, and strategies for continual significance, making amendments as necessary; formulate a strategic plan having goals, strategies, and resources; apply the strategy or strategies; and monitor and evaluate the results (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Decision Making Process There is a seven step process that is important in the decision making process. The seven step process, according to Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013, includes: 1. Defining the problem or opportunity: Defining the problem or opportunity creates targets for the short term or long term outlook of the organization. 2. Identifying limiting factors: Identifying limiting factors focuses on the current state
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