Strategic Planning Of Tesco

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Strategic planning is important for every organizations function in order to align priorities and resources towards the strength of the organizational progression. It gives a clear route for the organizations directions towards the intended common goals. It provides a disciplined process to guide the fundamental decisions leading to the proper action required to develop and progress the organizations intended results and responses to ever changing environments. This should be articulated to the employees, leaders and stake holders within the organization. Being part of the strategic planning team for Tesco organization we will try to further improve and strengthen the current strategic plan that is considered to be a key with the need for the higher management to implement and provide improvement to the existing process.
Tesco industry overview:
- It is an industrial retail company
- The type is a profit privately owned company
- The organizational size is large
Organizational overview: The company was initially founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 as a small retailer in Britain and is now recognized as one of the leading grocery vendor in Britain. According to Smith and Sparks (2004) the company progressed noticeably over the years with a current annual sales of over 3 Billion. The main strategy that was used by the company was “pile it high and sell it cheap” indicating, introducing a tremendous amount of products and many services at a minimum

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