Strategic Planning, Performance Improvement And Information Systems Essay

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The health care industry can be thought of as a chaotic, constant changing business. It was once stated that chaos couldn’t be controlled. After reading and analyzing the importance of interrelating strategic planning, performance improvement and information systems; one will find a well-stated conclusion and summary that shows the joining of all three focuses. Each is presented with significant evidence that will be the groundwork of the analysis. The reader can expect an articulated integrated of information that has been found on each, to include, my personal opinions and analysis. By the closing of this research paper, anyone interested and needs to be up-to-date on evolution of management with the health care organization will be caught up and have a better understanding of healthcare management. On another note, the objective to this research is to deliver an overall view on strategic planning, performance improvement and information systems in a setting of the distribution in healthcare facilities. While providing information from the management and administrative aspect, one will be able to have a large valuable outlook on decision making, planning and preparing within the healthcare organization in the future. With that, there are many trends that need to be observed in the industry and planed for appropriately. Bottom line, the structure of health care administration can be improved by simply taking in consideration of the cutting edge knowledge of medical
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