Strategic Planning Process And Organizational Issues Essay

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Strategic Planning Process and Organizational Issues Mueller-O’Keefe Memorial Home and Retirement Village, is a continuing care retirement community, which is not for profit and strongly faith based. This home is affiliated with the Evangelic Free Church, and all the board members besides one belong to this church. Alongside the board members almost half the residents that live there belong to the church as well. The home is now facing several challenges when it comes to developing long-range plans and need to do something about it. Part of the problem lies that they are used to making decisions in a “seat of pants” kind of way and it’s hard for the board to adjust. There are three major focus areas that the board needs to come up with a plan for, creating a mission statement, make a business plan to expand services and facility upgrades, and develop a financial management plan. In response to knowing they needed to do something they hired a consulting firm and Steve Cantwell was sent to work with the company. Cantwell felt comfortable working with the board, however, due to the board’s lack of knowledge, experience and judgement calls for health care planning, development and finance it was hard for the board and Cantwell to see the same visions. Cantwell felt he was the right person to do this job, believing he could be sensitive to what to the home needed and what the board wanted. With that in mind he created a strategic assessment that included all the research of
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