Strategic Planning Process of Bytes

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Strategic Planning Process Being one of the leading ICT groups in Africa, the main focus of the group is to provide innovative solutions by integrating products, applications, and services to enable their customers to do the best work possible with regards to their mission of leveraging the intellect of their empowered people to deliver optimised, cost-effective solutions that exceeds their stakeholders’ expectations. They intend to remain true to their values to their customers, to develop key intellectual property thus adding value to all their stakeholders. In terms of profitability, with regards to reports by JSE-listed Altron Group, from February 2012 to February 2013, Bytes had shown an increase of at least 15% of revenue from R6094 millions to R7004 millions. The value seemed to be 11% more than what they have expected. Within 10 operating years, Bytes had seemed to be violently growing as they were able to make several acquisitions from a starting of minority shares to majority shares in companies such as Xerox Limited, CS Holdings, Optitek, Intelleca as well Nor Paper enabling it to gain not only revenue, but extended production capacity and possibilities to develop more of its core competencies horizontally. In this paper, a strategic planning for Bytes technology will be developed. As such, a strategic planning is the process of developing a future plan of an organization; be it long-termed or short-termed thus documenting the strategy with an implementation

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