Strategic Planning Requires Hard Work And Dedication

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Strategic planning requires hard work and dedication. Nothing can be effectively executed without a plan of action in place.
Blankstein (2004) states that:
Addressing the core beliefs of an entire school community is a lengthy process. It is essential to be sure to hold the line on behaviors and language that may conflict with organizational values and mission. Without at least commitment to behavior that supports the school values and mission, the fundamental aspect of any school values and mission—that “all students will learn”—will become invalid (p. 115).
The Henderson County Public Schools in North Carolina strategic plan is a thirty-seven-page instrument addressing five major goals with subset goal descriptors under each. Henderson County School goals are: (1) Focus on every child; (2) Prepare students to be globally competitive in the 21st century; (3) Provide an effective teaching and learning environment; (4) Focus on building positive community relationships; and (5) Maintain safe, quality energy-efficient facilities.
The Henderson County Schools strategic plan vision statement says, “Every student will achieve success and graduate as a life-long learners, globally competitive, prepared for college, college, and life.” The Henderson County Schools vision statement is imaginable, appropriate, feasible, focused, flexible, and communicable. There were no additional components that would add value or validity to the statements. This important factor led me…
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