Strategic Planning Should Not Be Underestimated

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Introduction The importance of strategic planning should not be underestimated. Without proper strategic planning any organization is just waiting for unseen problems to interrupt normal business operations. Strategic planning could be considered the backbone of the foundation of an organization. It is the glue which links the organization’s objectives to the customers themselves. Strategic planning helps the organization in short term goals and perhaps more importantly determine the items need for term success. The investment in strategic planning can be seen in specific elements which will aid in the company’s ability to grow as well as expand its market area. In addition to goal setting strategic planning could be used to evaluate what may be beneficial to any organization’s success process. This means determining which avenues to use valuable resources for and others in which to discontinue or scale back on. Because of the overall importance of strategic planning how to define whether a strategic planning is valid must also be given much consideration. The Baldridge criteria is a highly reliable source as well as well-known institute, of which many organizations use to base their strategic planning on. The Baldrige Program oversees the nation 's only Presidential award for performance excellence while offering criteria, assessments, tools, training and a community for those dedicated to helping organizations improve. According to the Baldridge Performance
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