Strategic Planning : Strategic And Operational Planning

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All organizations have a mission statement and a vision for the future. Every organization should know where they stand, and have an idea of where they see themselves five to ten years from now. To make their vision a reality, they must set goals and make specific plans. The two major types of planning used by organizations to achieve goals are strategic and operational planning. Goal setting is imperative to organizational growth, but without planning those goals may not be attainable. Top-level managers, as well as frontline lower level managers must work together if they want their organization to succeed. As stated by Cascella, (2002) “most business leaders recognize the importance of strategic planning, but few succeed in translating their strategies into business results”(Cascella, 2002, Pg.1). Everyone in the organization must understand the strategic and operational plans and how to act on them. Without this balance and understanding, there will be no improvements to the business or their customers.
Strategic Planning Strategic planning is based on the organization’s mission statement and vision for the future. As stated by Simerson (2011) strategic planning provides managers with a focus and direction in determining what is important to the organization. The CEO of the company, along with top-level managers, makes strategic plans. Strategic planning focuses on long-term goals for the future, this could include making goals to appeal to different markets, or to a
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