Strategic Planning : Strategic And Tactical Planning

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In my facility, we take a regimented approach to strategic and tactical planning. There are usually multiple committees formed and operational at any given time, addressing various operational and clinical organizational needs. The committee meetings are highly structured in their approach to identifying the problem, brainstorming for potential solutions, and determining implementation and monitoring/feedback methods. After each meeting, a document is created to “map out” the short and long term goals and identify the staff responsible for implementation and monitoring. This document serves to literally keep everyone on the same page during the entire process. As goals are met and feedback is obtained, the committee continues to meet to make any necessary modifications or adjustments to ensure progress continues towards achieving the identified goal. This strategic planning process is very similar to the one depicted in our textbook. According to Hebda and Czar (2013), the first steps are to identify the strategic planning team and the goals and scope of the project. My facility accomplishes this by forming a committee and immediately identifying the purpose and goals of that committee. The committee model is fully embraced by my organization as a means to achieve its organizational goals. The next steps according to Hebda and Czar (2013) are to gather data and perform an analysis of internal and external environments. These steps allow the team to identify trends
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