Strategic Planning : Strategic And Tactical Planning

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To be successful a leader or manager must have vision, and to have that vision come to fruition the leader must align that vision with goals, but the only way to achieve those goals is through planning. Every plan needs to operate like a map to success. Strategic and tactical planning, when used correctly, represent planning models that can lead companies forward toward the vision of their leaders, and the attainment of the goals those leaders have developed. Strategic and tactical planning work together. Strategic planning focuses on the big picture, and tactical planning supports that big picture by focusing on various items within it.
Strategic Planning
Once a leader has a vision, and set goals, unless it is a very short term goal, then strategic planning is often the best model to use to see that vision come to light. Strategic planning focuses on the big picture, and uses long term planning models to successfully arrive at the established goals for a company (Simerson, 2011). A strategic plan is action focused, and sets the parameters for how to move a company towards goals (Barnat, n.d.). Strategic planning is often hard to implement within a business because it is difficult to define fully, and getting hung up on defining strategic planning can lead to confusion (Molvig, 1993). Strategic planning requires research. Because it is a long term planning model, it gives time for review and recognition while following the plan to fruition (Simerson, 2011). Using strategic
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