Strategic Planning : Strategic Management

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1. How do you conduct your strategic planning? Strategic planning is a joint endeavor that involves field operations, headquarters and mission support. The agency’s strategic planning practices entail brainstorming new ideas, implementing innovations and reflecting on past practices in developing action plans to improve daily functions, upcoming operations and immediate response actions to crisis situations. The operational plan or warning order provides mission critical information regarding equipment, personnel and objective, it also denotes the time frame to fulfill mission requirements. The agency’s human capital strategy is based on comprehensive research methods to identify activities and operating costs which are key in driving risk mitigation factors.

2. How does your strategy development process stimulate and incorporate innovation? This is achieved through strategic planning to enhance the current workforce by providing a supportive environment through improved initiatives and advanced training. This development of innovative methods insures uniformity and sustainability in joint endeavors. The focus on operational effectiveness through strategic planning merges preexisting assets that are readily available, therefore stimulating innovation. The Strategic Human Capital Plan (SHCP) establishes criteria for sustainability through innovative thought process. Innovation provides new ideas and or concepts in developing a more proficient and effective plan.
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