Strategic Planning and Implementation in Walt Disney Company

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I have chosen in this report the Walt Disney Company. In this report I have covered the strategic planning and implementation procedures of that company in specific and the overall strategic planning and implementation procedures in general. The development of a strategy can be done by structured strategic planning, by having a strategic leadership and by practicing emergent strategy systems. It’s very important for any organisation to have a vision and missions so as to effectively follow the plans to obtain the desired results, also every company should keep in mind the cultural, social, ethical and environmental factors while designing their respective strategies. Every organisation should have strategic objectives…show more content…
* Availability of outside funding from banks or through other sources can be considered for further investment in creating more theme parks, more movies and more diversification of business. 1.c)State the organisation’s stated strategy and criticize this or construct an agreed strategy Sir Richard Branson, the chairman of virgin group has once said that ‘we’re not necessarily great strategists…we often do things and then work out afterwards what the overall strategy was’. Below is a hypothetical strategy that I have constructed for the Walt Disney Company. Strategy for Walt Disney Company Creating or constructing a strategy involves doing some activities which finally evolve into a strategy, which is acceptable to all the stakeholders or at least satisfying most of them. The development of the strategy can be done by * Structured strategic planning * Establishing a vision and through strategic leadership * Developing emergent strategy systems Since Walt Disney Company is more about innovation and creativity, there should be strong focus on recruiting strong creative thinkers. Structured strategic planning: The plan should involve step by step, chronological procedures involving different parts of the organisation. The planning should be done at three levels which includes business-level, corporate-level
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