Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette

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Strategic Planning at The Chronicle Gazette

1. Introduction

The Chronicle Gazette, a leading newspaper in San Francisco with paid circulation of 225,000 customers. It is a first-rate newspaper and over the years, its writers have won awards for their work.

Despite of the well-established image and reputation, The Chronicle Gazette is facing a severe situation that there has been a steady decline in subscriptions. In the past eight years, subscriptions have fallen by a total of 35% and advertising revenue has also dropped by 28%.

Susan Feinman, the publisher of The Chronicle Gazette, noted the criticalness of the problem and worried this will become the 21st century equivalent of buggy whip manufacturers. The company is not
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1. Data on Circulation and Revenue
The following tables and data demonstrating the decline of print circulation and revenue of the newspaper industry

Table (A) U.S. Newspapers Circulation in the last decade, dropped 18%


Table (B) Top 20 U.S. Newspapers Print Circulation (Six-Month Period Ending in March 2009)

Daily Print Six Months
Newspaper Circulation Ending Mar 2009
USA TODAY 2,113,725 -7.46%
The Wall Street Journal 2,082,189 0.61%
The New York Times 1,039,031 -3.55%
Los Angeles Times 723,181 -6.55%
The Washington Post 665,383 -1.16%
New York Daily News 602,857 -14.26%
New York Post 558,140 -20.55%
Chicago Tribune 501,202 -7.47%
Houston Chronicle 425,138 -13.96%
The Arizona Republic 389,701 -5.72%
The Denver Post 371,728 NA
Newsday 368,194 -3.01%
The Dallas Morning News 331,907 -9.88%
Minneapolis Star-Tribune 320,076 -0.71%
Chicago Sun-Times 312,141 -0.04%
San Francisco Chronicle 312,118 -15.72%
The Boston Globe 302,638 -13.68%
Cleveland Plain Dealer

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