Strategic Planning for Bakery Industry

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Using some models of business environmental scanning, identify the environmental factors that affect Délys Ltd’s operations. Environmental factors affecting Delys Ltd’s operation can be mentioned according to STEEPLE as one of the model for business environmental scanning. It is described as a seven factor. 1. Social factor: Just reviewing the demography of United Kingdom according to census 2008, population is around 61.4 million. There is unsustainable population growth in this country since 2007 AD. Many immigrants from Asia especially south Asia came here and get reside. So to cover up those consumers, this company should have variety range of sweetness in their product ranging from younger to old. Considering the religion, U.K is…show more content…
For example: customers are not entitled to the same consideration as the firm’s employees. Stakeholders need and expectation can be analysed according to what type stakeholders they are. Analysis can be done using AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). Customer as a stakeholder needs and expectation is good taste in reliable cost. So company should have attention in flavour .since flavour decides the customer whether to eat it or not. Customer interest can be captured by the size and shape of the product. Desire should be of delicious test and action can be taken with the help of good ingredients. It can be described as that initially customer gets interested to eat the sweets by its shape, size and flavour. So company should have desire of making delicious sweet and action can be implemented by using good ingredients. Similarly, need and expectation of shareholders are good profits and rising of share value respectively. These needs can be fulfilled as; good attention should be given to give them good profit outcome, create interest for them for their involvement, desire to give them good share value and finally action by providing bonus shares. Lastly, needs and expectations of directors are good salary and sophisticated facility. For this, company should have attention to provide good environment, should create interest to day to day proper work, company should have desire to increase the salary and action can implemented just by

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