Essay on Strategic Planning for a Health Care Facility

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Veterans Health Administration

Diane F. Jeanette

HCA 422: Health Care Planning & Evaluation

Bruce Carruthers

September 6, 2010

In business there are strategies that need to be fulfilled. Starting a business or health care organization we need to use strategy planning. In the strategy planning of our business or health care organization we need to map out the mission, vision and goals that we want our business or health care organization to meet. My paper is going to be on the Veterans Health Administration strategy planning. This paper will review their internal and external assessments, competitive marketing analysis, identification of stakeholders, an overview and assessments of services provided, competencies and
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The purpose of the directive is to establish a strategic planning process that will assess the health care needs of veterans. The plan will initiate to accommodate the needs and will ensure compliance of all applicable Federal and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) planning requirements. (VHA, 2008)

According to the VHA (2008) health care requires timely and disciplined planning process. They define the planning framework, components, cycle, responsibilities, and timeframes that will be structured to the process. The Directive has outlined a comprehensive planning continuum that will integrate tasks, activities, and the reporting requirements associated with the budget, capital assets, information technology, human resources and the workforce development and performance. The VHA planning process will define and integrate planning needs and the expectations of both the VA Central Office and the field.

The VHA defines the way they do the planning process. They give a description the of environmental scan, strategic planning, operational planning, department Level performance planning, their goals, their objectives, their strategies, their performance measures, OMB program assessment rating tool (PART), strategic thinking, single data demand model, field units. The VHA goes into explaining their strategic and operational framework, policies and actions. I will list all of the above as
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