Strategic Position, Strategic Choice and Strategic Action (Implementation) for Bhp Billiton

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Contents Introduction/Executive Summary 3 Case Organisation 4 Current strategic positioning 5 Internal Strategic Position 5 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 10 Analysis of company’s Strategic
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BHP Billiton also focuses on sustainable development such as safety and health of employee and society which lead to establishment of a strong corporate citizenship. BHP Billiton works hard on protect workers from unsafe risks and try to achieve its goals without environmental damages.
For the internal operation, the company established a stated value chain structure of people, process and knowledge networks. The management of company take the responsibility of resources allocation for specific areas and the performance of human resource as well as economic benefits.
The five support or secondary value activities of product R&D, technology, systems development, human resources management and general administration are key parts of the internal operations. Due to the shortage of skills, the employee costs have also been increased although the company has gone in quest for the support of government to train new mining workers.

Key Internal Strategic Factors Summary BHP Billiton (Refer to appendix F)

Critical Success Factors (Viability Requirements) | Strategic Capabilities (Strengths/Sources of Sustainable Competitive Advantage) | Financial LeverageEconomies of ScaleSustainability HR Competitive Positioning (e.g. benchmarking)R&D Investment | Exploration Strategy & TechnologyNatural Resource Acquisition- Tier 1 Strategic Acquisitions (e.g. BHP Billiton merger)Organic growthHRM

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