Strategic Resource Management Essay

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By integrating human resources management (HRM) into the Hospital planning process and emphasizing human resources (HR) activities that support the Hospital's mission and goals, hospital departments are able to ensure that the management of HR contributes to mission accomplishment and managers are held accountable for their HRM decisions.

Strategic human resources management...strategic alignment...alignment with Hospital mission accomplishment. These are just a few of the terms being used to describe the new, evolving role of HRM. What do these terms really mean? If you were to ask Hospital employees and managers, you would probably get a wide range of answers. So, it's important to establish from the beginning what is really being
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Additionally, employment security may help align the interests of employees and Hospital partners. Hospital problems are reduced because when job security exists, the employees, like shareholders, are concerned about the long-term success of the firm. With the commitment from the Hospital for job security, application of laws becomes a relationship that both the employer and employee has to manage.

Application of Laws

Many employers are required to develop affirmative action plans (AAPs) that identify problem areas in the employment of protected-class members and initiate goals and steps to overcome those problems. Memorial Hospital is no different. Memorial follows all laws on sex/gender discrimination, which have addressed issues regarding pregnancy discrimination, unequal pay for similar jobs, and sexual harassment.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that most employers identify the essential functions of jobs and make reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities, unless undue hardship results.

Implementation of equal employment opportunity requires appropriate record keeping, such as completing the annual report (EEO-1), and keeping applicant flow data. Below is the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII and what it covers. I have also included some additional information that fall under the umbrella of the Civil Right Act of 1964,
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