Singapore Airlines Essay

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Table of content:



I. Background of Singapore Airlines

II. Strategy
1. What is Strategy?
2. The nature of Singapore Airlines Global Strategy
3. Mission and value of SIA

III. Strategic analysis of the organization and its environment
1. PEST analysis
2. Strategic Capabilities
3. Strategic SWOT analysis

IV. Future strategic aspects for SIA
1. Recommendation
2. Conclusion


In this report I examine the history of Singapore Airlines’ the report will then including the corporate strategy, strategic choice and analysis of the company’s external environment political, economic, social and technical environment (PEST analysis), strategic capabilities and the strength,
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The politics has become more secure between the nations around the globe. This Secures the Airlines business and gives the Airline industry a possibility to enter a new market. On the other hand, this will growth substantially the competition that the control will lose the advantage, Singapore Airlines (SIA) can no longer be the only airline in Singapore.
A political barrier for Singapore Airlines would be its proposal for a investment in Air India, dealing in demanding setback to the Indian government’s privatization.
Also there may be some potential that the 11th of September terrorist attack may shape a huger will to liberalize the industry, particularly as a large market companies have an important influence and chance in a deregulated nature.

Economic Environment:
Businesses need to reflect the state-run of a dealing economy in the short and long-terms for example: interest rates, inflation, unemployment, outlook for the economic Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or lack of investment. This is especially real when scheduling for global marketing.
The event from the 11th of September has influenced the flight security in the view of the customers. Each environmental problem together with the impact of increase of fuel this has an impact of the basic prices of flights or in
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