Strategic Role of Logistics in Kazakhstan

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Table of Contents 1. Theoretical background 4 1.1. Introduction 4 1.2. Definition of Key Terms 5 1.3. Effective Research 10 1.3.1. Logistics and time as a trade barrier 10 1.3.2. The Logistics Performance Index 14 1.4. Summary 21 2. Data Analysis of Logistics industry and Trade in Kazakhstan 24 2.1. Introduction 24 2.2.1 External Trade 24 2.2.2. Assessment of the Transport and Logistics Sectors 29 Logistics Sector 41 2.2.3 Constraints in Physical Infrastructure and Transport Facilities 43 Constraints in the Rail Transport System 43 Constraints in the Road Transport System 45 Constraints in the Air Transport System 45 LPI & Ease of Doing Business:…show more content…
This is not a complete list of tasks needed to achieve the full potential of our transit potential. If this is done, Kazakhstan will step into the new level of development where not only the freight turnover will improve, but Kazakhstan’s producers will spend less on logistics costs which will allow them to be more cost efficient and compete better on international market.
Methodology of the study. The research is mainly based on the data from internet resources. The statistical data is mainly taken from Statistical Agency of The Republic of Kazakhstan, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, publications of economic professors, and from other agencies and institutions which conduct economic research. I also studied and made a brief analysis of Kazakhstani legislature on trade and transport. While conducting research I visited some online forums and discussions on such web sites as, and others. The data taken from the forums replaced the questionnaires.
First of all I read several brief articles in newspapers and publications

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