Strategic Role of Logistics in Kazakhstan

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Table of Contents 1. Theoretical background 4 1.1. Introduction 4 1.2. Definition of Key Terms 5 1.3. Effective Research 10 1.3.1. Logistics and time as a trade barrier 10 1.3.2. The Logistics Performance Index 14 1.4. Summary 21 2. Data Analysis of Logistics industry and Trade in Kazakhstan 24 2.1. Introduction 24 2.2.1 External Trade 24 2.2.2. Assessment of the Transport and Logistics Sectors 29 Logistics Sector 41 2.2.3 Constraints in Physical Infrastructure and Transport Facilities 43 Constraints in the Rail Transport System 43 Constraints in the Road Transport System 45 Constraints in the Air Transport System 45 LPI & Ease of Doing Business: Trading Across…show more content…
In developed countries the portion of revenues from logistics sector is about 13-14%, while in Kazakhstan the number is only 8%. The number can be much higher since our country lies in the heart of Eurasia and many trade roads are passing through Kazakhstan. This opportunity can be used for generating wealth for the country and getting more trade partners. The development of logistics will also cut the costs of the production of domestic producers which will lead the Republic to the new stage of competitiveness in the world market. The thesis is written in order to outline the perspectives and obstacles in the development of logistics in Kazakhstan. Secondary data from statistical agencies and publications is used in the research. 1. Theoretical background 2.1. Introduction Geographically advantageous location of Kazakhstan in the centre of the Eurasian continent between Europe and Asia provides the country with unique opportunity to establish efficient straight transit corridors connecting Asia and the Pacific with Europe. Transforming Kazakhstan into the largest transit country of Eurasia is a main state policy in the field of transport. State of transport infrastructure is an important factor for the economy of Kazakhstan, and it mostly impacts on effective implementation of transit opportunities of the country. In this regard, priorities in developing transport sector of Kazakhstan are to be: * Integrating

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