Strategic Security Guidance : Protecting Your Information And Assets

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NeuEon -- CISO Data Sheet Fractional CISO Providing Strategic Security Guidance to Protect your Information & Assets Today’s network security environment is increasing in complexity. Every organization, from SMBs to Enterprise organizations, is facing dramatic changes in IT requirements to accommodate mobile access needs, such as BYOD and IoT, as well as to combat the rising tide of malware. With over half a billion personal records lost or stolen in 2015 and an average of one new zero-day vulnerability discovered each week, the demands on IT security groups have never been higher. Along with the increasing demands on IT staff, comes the need for an experienced senior CISO to define and implement a strategic plan that ensures your information and assets are protected. A seasoned CISO can define a strategic plan that ensures you have strong, up-to-date security procedures that reflect your unique industry and business environment. From providing guidance on closing existing vulnerabilities, to defining a roadmap for proactively upgrading security technologies, a CISO can implement the strategic leadership goals, with an understanding of the functional security tasks that need to be implements to achieve cutting-edge network security. Customizable Services Plans to Suit your Needs While every organization sees the need for a CISO to provide the strategic plan and implementation guidance to secure the network, not all organizations can afford, or need, a full-time

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