Strategic Staffing Chapters 1-6

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Chapter 1 - Why is staffing important? - Staffing for competitive advantage – employees affect the CA Staffing therefore plays a central role in creating and enhancing any organization’s competitive advantage - What is strategic staffing? Future-oriented and goal-directed ways, support business strategy and enhance organizational effectiveness. Into, thru, out. - Traditional staffing: reactive, no improvement; Strategic – aligned - Seven components of strategic staffing: workforce planning, sourcing, recruiting, selecting, acquiring, deploying, retaining - Primary staffing goal is to match the competencies, styles, values, and traits of job candidates with the requirements of the organization and its jobs. Chapter 2 -…show more content…
- focus on which job? -investment or cost? - centralized or decentralized? Chapter 3 - BFOR: question of rationale, good faith, reasonable necessity - Employment Equity: women, visible minority, disabled, aboriginal - Employment standards act Chapter 4 - Job analysis – aspects of job and characteristics of workers = job description & person specification - Job-worker match: job requirements – KSAO; rewards – needs and wants - Competency modeling- a job analysis method that identifies the necessary worker competencies for high performance - competency-based job description: Enhances a manager’s flexibility in assigning work, Lengthens the life of a job description, Can allow firms to group jobs requiring similar competencies under a single job description - competency: ksao, underlying characteristic of an individual contributing to Job or role performance and Organizational success - strategic HR reasons for doing competency modeling: Create awareness and understanding of need for change in business, Enhance skill levels of workforce, Improve teamwork and coordination - job reward analysis - employee value proposition (EVP): magnitude, mix, distinctiveness - Job reward dimensions: amount, differential, stability Chapter 5 - workforce planning- employment needs, foundation of strategic staffing - business strategy? philosophy, staffing decisionsworkforce analysis (demand and supply)forecasts, action plansrevise plans LABOR
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