Strategic Staffing Essay

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Abstract The main goal of this paper is to create an example original Strategic Staffing Handbook that contains many of the vital tools used in the staffing process. It is the policy of EMT Crafts that this Strategic Staffing Handbook should be used as a plan of the basic personnel policies, practices, and procedures for the company. This Staffing Handbook includes definition of strategic staffing, description of the job analysis process, approach to posting a position and the related rationale for taking that approach, layout the interview process, and approach to pre-employment testing and assessment. Keywords: staffing handbook, interview process, employment procedure Table of contents 1. Purpose of the Strategic…show more content…
It is most frequently used in the examination procedure but may also be used to command job audits, support classification specification revisions, resolve return to work problems and other personnel /or management activities. A job analysis process makes it possible to improve content valid and reliable variety (examining) procedures. There is an example of job analysis process: • Observe documentation for new job places and positions that have been revised. • Acquire approval to modify positions. • Interview an applicant for a job and make hiring solution or recommendations. • Adapt new subordinates concerning policy and processes, work rules, and performance prospect levels. Review applicant responsibilities. • Suggest personnel actions such as encouragements, incentives, performance awards, demotions, etc., according to budget guidance and policy. • Offer suggestions superiors and subordinates of developments that influence job duties. • Ensure correct communications. • Support discipline, recommend and administer proper action according to policy and processes. Connect and administer personnel operations in accordance with design and objectives. • Support proper documentation on all subordinates. 4. The approach to posting a position The staffing process in EMT Crafts is a competitive process with the end aim to hire the most suitable individual for the job. Job postings promote the
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