Strategic Staffing Plan

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Stategic Staffing Plan: JR Smith

Human Resource Recruitment and Selection

September 14, 2012

Workforce planning will be especially beneficial to JR Smith staffing because it can ensure that they acquire the talent that they need. This systematic technique is used by YZ Strategic Staffing Professionals, Inc. to plan ahead and avoid talent surpluses or shortage. (Sullivan, 2002) This system is useful during the entire recruitment process because it has the ability to identify, acquire, develop and retain employees that will meet the needs of JR Smith. The main idea behind workforce planning is to forecast the talent need and compare it to the talent that you already have. It will not only forecast to meet
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The Office Manager reports to the Senior Administrative Officer and is responsible for providing office management services to the JR Smith.

B. Job Duties
1) Design and implement office policies and procedure
2) Supervise office staff
3) Prepare and maintain time sheets
4) Review and approve supply requisitions
5) Evaluate Staff performance
6) Perform other related duties as required

C. Computer Skills and Software Used
1) Windows operating system
2) MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
3) Constant Contact or other Customer Relations Management Software

Employee Requirements

A. Education and Training
1) Bachelor Degree in Business
2) 5 Years experience and High School Diploma

B. Skills and Aptitudes
1) Excellent interpersonal skills and team building skills
2) analytical and problem solving skills
3. effective written, verbal and listening communications skills

C. Environment and Physical
1) Be able to spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers
2) Be able to lift supplies and materials from time to time
3) Be able to travel to other office locations 25% of time

Forecasting and Sourcing

Once skills and knowledge have been determined for each position at JR Smith, it is now up to HR to use this information to forecast hiring or
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