Strategic Statement Of Walt Disney

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1. Strategy Statement The company does not have a written plan in the strategic statement but it does give a general idea on what direction the company is moving. In Disney’s case the strategic statement includes:
Identification of Missions, Goals, and Strategies
Formulate Plans
Evaluation ( strengths & weaknesses)
One of the most important ones in my opinion is the growth strategy. This is done through focusing on primary lines of business (resorts, merchandise sales) that have been successful in other markets. This is one of the key factor that will help me design a strategy for this business.

2. Mission Statement and/or Vision Statement Both mission and vision statement are used to describe the purpose, identity,
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The success of Disney's businesses is highly dependent on maintenance of intellectual property rights in the entertainment products and services they create. Actually, Disney is related to the government also because since it was created, there have been many propaganda films for the US government during WW2. “The government looked to Walt Disney more than any other studio chief as a builder of public morale providing instruction and training the sailors and soldiers” (Radeska 2016). On the other hand, when Walt Disney had created these parks, he didn’t do it with the taxpayer’s money, since he didn’t want to “tap in the public resources”. This means that although in some way helping the government with the propaganda films, they didn’t want to use their fund, they wanted indecency. In a broader sense even if they won’t be dependent on the government, if they change their laws and regulations Disney will be affected for sure. Also, as I mentioned Disney’s political outlook is not very consistent since Disney operates in different countries and different countries have different regulations. Those regulations can somehow determine what content is going to be shown according to their safety
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