Strategic Strategy And Strategy: Strategic Analysis Of Mobilink

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Mobilink is the leading telecommunication organization in the pakistan with the highest market share. In this study we analyse the strategies implemented in Mobilink through different strategic tools like SWOT, Porter’s five forces, PEST, BCG matrix and prevailing Mobilink’s strategies. The purpose of this study is to analyze and address the strategic management of Mobilink from 2010 to 2014 through strategic analysis. The significance of this study is to reveal the existing strategic issues and suggesting the appropriate solutions to professionals, academicians and students of the respective field.

Keywords: Mobilink, strategic tool: SWOT, Porter’s five forces, PEST, BCG matrix telecommunication industry and Pakistan.


In the Pakistan telecommunication industry, Mobilink is the leading company that facilitate with excellent voice and data services entailing highest customer base
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VimpleCom, the present parent organization of the Mobilink, joined hands with vendors like Huawei and Ericson for the project of network “Swap” and “Modernization”. This agreement not only include the installation of 3G complaint network but also the maintenance of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), power commitment and other internal growth services. For this reason, Mobilink had to lay off its 100 employees from Technical department in May, 2013. This was the extreme action taken by the current top level managers. The strategy was to outsource the major technical activities, however, in-house staff will carrying out the other functions of the

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