Strategic Supply Chain Management And Logistics

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International Academy Of New Zealand Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics Assignment 2 Author: Gurdev Singh E-mail: Research Paper for Element 1 DB704 Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics Abstract Supply chain is an important part of all businesses that provide in the various sectors of a finished product for the consumer. Humes Pipeline Systems, a leading company in the market, is an example of a company that has good management needs of the supply chain. Among the different models of the supply chain, it was found that the ERP, Value Chain, and Lean Supply models are the most recommended. The different roles of various functions to achieve the objective of the supply chain have also been developed that. Operations, production and human resources finally the key business driver’s facilities, technology, and transportation have a major impact on the achievement of objectives Humes. Key Words: Humes, Manufacturing, Supply chain Management, Supply chain models, Business functions, Key business drivers. Introduction Humes Pipeline Systems retains its pride in its creativity, manufacturing and professional team of talented, quality products and services in the market. The market is constantly changing new
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