Strategic Therapy Essay

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Systems Theories: Strategic Therapy Strategic Therapy or Strategic Family Therapy is one of the oldest theories used in the practice of marriage and family therapy today. It was developed by Don Jackson and others affiliated to the Palo Alto group. Jay Haley and the Milan Group are also important practitioners of the model Strategic Therapy. This theory is portrayed as focused on altering family dynamics, eliminating problems and focusing on the presenting problems rather than the past, and often giving homework and behavioral tasks to clients. In this essay is a detailed description of the history of strategic therapy, beliefs, techniques and problems presented by this theory. The strategic therapy is dated back to the early 1950s and…show more content…
Targeting one goal and one problem at a time. Making therapy brief is also a belief and some cases or sessions last no longer than 6 months. Another belief is that it is okay for the therapist to “push” or “bump” the clients or family into interactional pattern or relational pattern, which maintains their problem into a pattern, and allows the family to divest themselves of the problem seem appropriate (Gardner, Burr, & Wiedower, 2006). The main belief that strategic therapy is based on is that there is a strategy, a plan, a tactic, whatever the case maybe to help create change. A marriage counselor may strive on the belief that love, faith, and hope can save a marriage in chaos. Each therapist and family may have different beliefs but will strive for a healthier change. How do they create change? Well there are many techniques or intervention strategies that may be utilized. Reframing is a perfect example of intervention involving a strategic approach to therapy. This technique involves relabeling problems by viewing them in a more positive light (Parrott, 2003). Reframing changes the meaning associated to the behavior without changing the behavior. This changes viewpoints and alters the families systems. Boundary setting and monitoring communication also helps to build trust and privacy. Family sculpting is an intervention that involves asking a family member to physically position herself or himself and other family members into a formation that metaphorically
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