Strategic Thinking

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1. Shared Leadership Roles
Our team is effective because we demonstrated Shared Leadership behaviors among all members. For example; o We discuss, decide and contribute appropriately within the team meeting process. During the wall climbing activity at OLE weekend, the belaying process illustrated the benefits in accepting shared leadership roles within a team.
2. Collective work-products
Each member has strengths in specific skills and we utilized them to make the team process successful. For Example; o We each took a component of the model and analyzed it thoroughly, however as a team we collaborated and integrated on the final product.
3. Encourages open-ended discussions and active
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1. Did not Demonstrate Mutual Accountability
We were all on different levels when it came to bringing ideas to meetings. For example; o Some members would come with ideas while others did not, some would come with different interpretations of the recommended task (i.e. deliverable meeting).
2. Specific Team Purpose
At first, we were not aware of a team purpose and the idea of how we were going to deliver it. The purpose was not clear or well understood. For example; o Each member had different ideas of what needed to be accomplished before each meeting. o We did not discuss what we wanted out of the project as far as a measurable outcome (i.e. a desired grade). Some wanted to present a deliverable that would receive an "A", while others were satisfied in receiving a "B".
3. Difficulty Defining Goals
As a team, we did not identify what each member wanted to accomplish and what was expected to meet that accomplishment. For example; o In the onset, we did not specifically state what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to achieve it through the deliverable. We also did not clearly state what we wanted to acquire from the deliverable and what we wanted to portray to the audience. o Values and a mission were not discussed, decided, or agreed upon.
4. Time Management
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