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Strategic Audit for iRobot Corporation Case Study

I. CurrentSituation
A. CurrentPerformance iRobot designs and builds robots that make a difference in the home, field and workplace. iRobot was founded in 1990 in Delaware, Massachusetts and it was the first company to introduce robots into the life of the household and make the robots part of their daily life. In comparison to the other products, home products were the most successful ones. Some of the iRobot’s products are: Roomba (vaccum cleaning), Scooba (floor cleaning), Brava (floor mopping) – home products; PackBot, SUGV, Warrior, etc. – Defense and Security products; iRobot Aware 2 robot intelligence software, Robot Developers Kit – developer
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Unmanned Ground Robots and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, used in the military operations, have a future since they perform the most dangerous tasks and save soldiers life.
Do fewer things better iRobot focuses on the design and performance of the robots and the manufacturing of the actual robots is passed to other companies
Formed alliance with companies like Boeing and Advanced Scientific Concepts so it can use part of their technology for improving its products
Invest in the future
Focus on the emerging markets. These are the markets that will encounter the need of using iRobot products for performing in their best, like healthcare, oil and gas, food and beverage industry.
4. Policies
Focus on R&D and Human Resource Management
Pay a lot of attention on the R&D to keep innovation going
Keep the employees happy and offer them the best working environment
Keep looking for the “geniuses” in the technology
Human Resource in this type of industry is very important so look for the best will make the company gain competitive advantage

II. Strategic Managers
A. Board of Directors
The board of directors consists of nine members:
Colin Angle - Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-Founder of iRobots
Dr. Ronald Chwang - Chairman and President, iD Ventures America, LLC
George C. McNamee – served as director since 1999, currently a private investor
Andrea Geisser – served as a director since 2004
Dr. Jacques S. Gansler - Director, Center for Public
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