Strategic marketing plan - with SWOT and PEST

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Executive summary

Because of the globalization of the marketplace, marketing is more and more important. It becomes a key which help companies or organizations open different markets in different countries or maintain their products as a leader. Before that, it has to make the marketing plan that is the soul of marketing. Therefore, this report will first indicate the definition of strategic marketing plans. Then it will look at how important the strategic marketing plan is and the role that it plays in a firm or in a strategic business unit (SBU). After this, it will examine the process to make a strategic marketing plan that starts with mission statement. Finally, there will be an analysis of how to control the plan and implement it.
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And it competed directly with eBay through its Amazon Auctions.


Business mission:

The first phase of planning strategic marketing plan is to define the business mission. As Jobber (2001) states 'Business mission is a broadly defined, enduring statement of purpose that distinguishes a business from others of its type.' Briefly, business mission is to give the direction, which presents the unique scope of business, its vision and specific competence & competitive advantages, and to tell employees, consumers, and shareholder what a company is and what kind a company employees are in. It is like a face of a company or an organization that represents all of it. In addition, business missions are based on four core concepts, namely purpose, strategy, standards and behaviors, and company values. Nokia always communicate the concept that their products are connecting to people to their consumers. They emphasize design, and that every function should fit everyone, because technology is humanity's invention. Furthermore, business missions may be influenced by three factors. There are company's competence, environment change, and resource respectively (Jain, 2000)'s mission is to leverage technology and expertise to provide the best buying experience on the Internet. To become the largest selection of select retail categories, the goal is for people to come to, find whatever they want, discover things they didn't know they wanted, and

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