Strategies Can Be Done At The Beginning Of A Meeting

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Strategies to create the best outcome when working in teams Brainstorming can be done at the beginning of a meeting. It is where participants are freely open to suggest as many ideas or solution no matter how ridiculous or bizarre it can be. After the brainstorming session ends, then the team members can analyze and decide which ideas will be most effective. According to, “working in groups also require cohesiveness”. Cohesiveness is where members feel committed as part of a team and take pride in the group. The members are more happy, satisfied and are more productive. According to Bormann and Bormann, there are four strategies to bring about cohesiveness in the group. First the group needs to establish identity and traditions. Using the word “we or our” foster connections to team members. Creating a group name, logo, motto, or ceremonies are examples of creating a unique group identity. Second, participants needs to emphasize teamwork. The individual contribution of each members are beneficial to the success of the group. Each members take responsibility seriously and take self pride on their work, Group accomplishment is emphasized instead individual accomplishment. Third, each members need to feel that their effort is recognize and appreciated. In cohesive groups, praising others is encourage. The words like “good job” , excellent piece or nice presentation can be use. Individual and group effort can be rewarded with diners, gift card , letter of
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