Strategies, Deliberate And Emergent

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Of Strategies, Deliberate and Emergent The main idea of this research paper revolves around the concept of Intended and Realized Strategies, and understanding how strategies form in organizations and how are they observed in real life. What is Strategy? Strategy is defined as a pattern or consistency in a wide range of decisions. This definition was developed to form a basis on which a panoptic research could be carried out on how strategy is formed in organizations. How many types of strategies are there? Mainly 2 kinds. The model below will give a better understanding of the kind of strategies there are: Intended Strategy means what the leaders of an organization plan/intend to do. It can be further broken down to Deliberate strategy, which basically means intended strategy, and Unrealized Strategy, which means a strategy that cannot be carried out. Realized Strategy means the strategy organizations actually carried out. It could be either be derived from Deliberate Strategy, or Emergent Strategy, which have no prior intentions but do have a pattern/consistency. Is there anything such as Pure Deliberate and Emergent Strategies? It is very unlikely that strategies result in exactly as they were intended, since a lot of factors need to be considered to perfectly implement a well-intended strategy. For a strategy to be perfectly deliberate, three conditions MUST be fulfilled: • The intentions should be extensively defined with detailed orientation, clarifying any doubts
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