Strategies For Children And Young People

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Strategies with children and young people
Strategies for working with parents and families
Support for children and young people who disclose
Minimising the effects of abuse

It is very important for professionals to develop respectful relationships with children and young people. A respecting relationship allows there to be trust between children and young people and a professional. A child will also show respect to a professional if they do too which lets a child learn and develop further. A very important factor in developing a respectful relationship is listening. If a professional listens carefully to what a child or young person has to say, it shows the child that they are being taken seriously and that there values and opinions are important. This can make an individual disclose more information which can be crucial if the person is at risk of any harm. A professional should take an interest in what the young person is saying by maintaining, eye contact, concentrate on what they are saying and physically lower themselves to the child’s level which shows them that they are treated equally with the same respect as any other person. Another way to form a respectful professional relationship is by giving children and young people the opportunity to express themselves and putting their ideas forward.
Practitioners have an essential role to play in the promotion of child participation. In order for children and young people to…
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