Strategies For Helping Skills Model

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As I have begun to better understand helping skills this semester I find myself frequently looking back to the helping skills model you provided in class. During one of our first few weeks of class, I printed out the model and taped it to the wall in my office. While I don’t look at it every day or carry it in my pocket as I interact with students, it sits quietly in the back of my mind. It serves as a small reminder to generally follow an outline but create my own style as I learn to become a better helper. For the purpose of this final exam, I have chosen to break down the model and discuss my strengths and weaknesses, where I want to improve, and insights I have discovered while establishing my own version of the helping model this semester. Building Relationships: According to the Helping Skills Model (2016), the stage of building relationships includes the concepts of entry, clarification, structure, and relationship. This semester I have been able to practice helping skills in two distinct ways, both of which require different practices in regards to the building relationships aspect of helping. Participating in interventions, in my opinion, does not provide a good opportunity to build a relationship with the student. You see them for maybe an hour, typically twenty minutes, and are forced to quickly introduce yourself, learn about them, and address issues that have been occurring. I have never had an opportunity to follow up with a student after intervening, so in
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