Strategies For Improving Marketing With Crm

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3 Brilliant Ways to Improve Marketing with CRM

If you’re a successful sales person, you probably know all about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. In fact, you’re probably using CRM right now to track all your prospects as they make their way through the winding road that we call the customer journey. In an earlier blog, we told you how your sales people could use CRM to increase their productivity and boost revenue by 41% per salesperson. But, let’s back up a bit. You can’t sell without prospects. How can you possibly attract potential leads to your business in the first place? By using CRM as part of your marketing strategy. A recent study by VentureBeat has shown that 80% of businesses were able to increase leads by using
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Find out who your key influencers are and stay informed with alerts about trending topics. Analyze the data according to sentiment, phrases used, top fans, top critics and top hashtags.
How Listening Works
Here’s an example. Blue Yonder (a fictional company) is a provider of cloud-based applications that help retailers control inventory levels and reduce handling costs and waste. When the company started receiving trend alerts that its customers were posting bad comments about its new user interface on social media, it worked quickly to improve the app. Blue Yonder then posted the news about the improved app on social media and thanked its customers for pointing out the problem. Once customers tried the new app, they turned to social media once more to praise Blue Yonder. In the end, the company scored points for listening to its customers.
Customer Opinion at Your Fingertips
Social Engagement gives you quick insights into what people are saying by breaking down results according to sentiment, volume, phrases, location, search topics, language and social media sources. As the following illustration shows, the tool will evaluate keywords in a post to determine whether they are positive, negative or neutral. You can then take this information and route it as either a case or lead into your CRM.

Want to know how people are feeling about your products and services and those of your competitors over a specific time period? This information, called
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