Strategies For Improving Student Achievement

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With these essential nine strategies being identified as most likely to improve student achievement in the classroom, it is important to find ways to incorporate each of them when possible. In reading each of these essential nine strategies I tried to identify a TLAC technique that could be used to implement the essential nine strategy I was reading about. In doing this I decided I would also list them in the order of importance as I also link the strategy to the technique I thought would allow a teacher to successfully implement the strategy.

1. Setting the Objectives and Providing Feedback. It is odd to put this as number one in that it is the one area where I have always had the most issue and points of contention with how objectives are used. However, it is important that students know where they are headed, and while they are on this journey they are provided feedback that keeps them on the right track. One technique that can aid with this was Begin With The End, which provides a great way to identify all the objectives, and plan everything the students will need to know in order to meet that objective.

2. Generating and Testing Hypotheses. This is not one that I was familiar with as a strategy other than in Science prior to reading this article. It makes sense to have students look at each lesson in different ways, and experiment with their thinking and learning. The reason I put this strategy higher up the list is that when looking at it I believe
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