Strategies For Stock Markets : The Stock Market, The Aapl And Googl Company

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This paper tends to evaluate the various strategies used in stock markets by different companies in order to regain market strength and to secure more4 reliable returns to the companies. This paper highlights about two major companies in the stock market, the AAPL and GOOGL company. The two companies use the same strategies in the operations of their stick markets and hence they can be easily analyzed together and compared in regard to their mode of operation and their success.
In this paper, I chose to use the investing strategy rather than the trading strategy. The trading strategy is very common in most stock markets as well as the global stock market,. The strategy involves the buying and selling of shares in the stock market. However, the most basic principle of this strategy involves the buying of the shares at a lower price and selling them at a relatively higher price compared to the buying price. By doing this, the companies make positive returns from the higher selling price of the shares.
Investing strategy is mainly used by buying stock shares and holding the stocks for a long time. In this case, the companies reinvest any returns that they get from any previously invested shares. They keep withholding the returns for a long time until the company accumulates a huge pile of returns from recurring shares. The two companies analyzed on this paper have integrated the use of this strategy hence prompting the use of the investing strategy in the analysis of the…

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