Strategies In The Cold War

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The Cold War began in the years 1945- 1950 between the countries of the United States and the Soviet Union. In the Cold War consisted of many different strategies that were used to intimidate or scare the opponent. A few of these strategies consisted of using fear, the Arms Race, and the use of Financial Aid. This was a war fought without using harmful machinery weapons.

In the Cold War fear was a big strategy that was used to scare the other country that they are battling. In an excerpt from the Secretary of State Marshals speech it is trying to get you to fear the outcome of poverty. In Europe it was going to be very common to lose your job, lose your home, or even begin to starve to death. This began to scare people which is just what they want to do so that people will feel bad and jump in to help. In the North American Treaty it is said that armed forces will be used if it is completely necessary. If we feel threatened or as if there is no other reasonable choice we will return the harmful threats right back to the U.S.S.R and try to make our point see more stiff and threatening to show them that we mean business. This is only one of the many strategies used to rebel in the Cold War.
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The U.S.S.R exploded its first atomic bomb in 1949 and the U.S was caught off guard by this because we did not expect the Soviet Union to develops this knowledge so quickly. Because of this, the Americans began to question their own safety. It is all about being able to feel as if you are in control and have the larger leap in the situation. Armed forces are not wanted to be used by the U.S if they are not definitely needed. On the other hand, we need to come off strong and not as a pushover so we need to take action and try to one up the Soviet Union so we are ahead of them in the development of nuclear weapons if need
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