Strategies Of Improving Increase Reading Comprehension

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Strategies of improving prosody in order to increase reading comprehension has been a concept in which I have been struggling with in order to better assist my first grade students. I began this process thinking that I needed to have the students look at the punctuation and text features within the text, as well as the pictures to better assist them with their understanding of the text. I feel as though many students rush to complete the readings quickly without an understanding of the words that are being read. I have begun to realize that the students are familiar with testing for the rate of fluency so often that I need to address other reasons for reading and the strategies that should be implemented before they begin reading the text. While I understand the importance of reading with automaticity and the skill development involved with addressing punctuation, reading with expression and meaning should also be a focus of reading development. During my research, I realized the topic of prosody needs to be clearly defined, although its importance to reading comprehension is unclear. I have also come to the realization that the methods I am implementing within the classroom are consistent with current literacy research. This research includes both traditional and new literacy methods. Most literacy educators consider fluency to be a critical component of reading development. Reading with fluency is important because it provides a bridge between word recognition and
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