Strategies Of Manageing Persons With Dementia

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Harshal Haridas1, Seena Abraham2
Background: Dementia is one of the fatal brain disease which shatters the person’s ability in his daily functioning. The prevalence of dementia in Kerala in people aged ≥ 55 is 3.77% and 4.86% in ≥ 65 years. Kerala has highest number of old age home in India and significant number of elderly residing in the old age home which also includes substantial number of persons with dementia. They require some special attention or they might be marginalized among the elderly. Thus this is a serious endeavor to investigate those management strategies on elderly with dementia in residential institution for aged.
Aim: This study was planned to find out the strategies in managing persons with dementia in residential institutional care.
Methodology: This study was a descriptive study of 6 different institutes of Kerala. Purposive sampling method was used for data collection. Only residential care centers who provide care to dementia patients were included. Structured interview schedule and non-participatory observation method was used for data collection.
Results:Each institution has specific strategies according to their milieu, out of Physiological and Psycho-Social need, the second set of need is totally ignored.
Conclusion:None of the old age care home are giving separate attention to person with dementia, even they are not aware that few of inmates in their

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