Strategies and Working Practices Used to Minimise Abuse Essay

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P5= Describe strategies and working practices used to minimise abuse. In this assignment i will be describing different strategies and working practices used in different health and social care settings to minimise abuse. Looking at different characteristics of abuse is the fundamental part in trying to minimise abuse. There are different types of strategies i will be describing the following six: Written and Oral Communications Anti-Discriminatory Practices Use of IT Strategies Needs Assessment Personal Centred practices Care planning Cycle Needs assessment: The needs assessment relates to an individual’s care and personal needs, the assessment centres on the activity for daily living and the…show more content…
It involves in monitoring care and reviews from the service user in confidence to reduce the potential of harm. To enable that the care given to the individual in the right way the care worker should monitor the care given and keep other members of staff informed about any changes which will help minimise abuse in the care setting. This is an example of the care planning cycle >>>>> The care plan cycle is started off with the plan, the care worker then identifies the aims and goals. After a needs assessment is complete whilst they review it, they would also monitor the service user regarding if their aims and goals are met, the cycle is broken the care worker has to take a look at what went wrong and when it went wrong. Written and oral communication: Communication between professions and service users help minimise abuse, as written and oral communications reduce abuse it helps improve the bond between the service user and the care worker. Reports made should be kept and information from service users should be dealt with in confidence, because if the information of the service user is under covered it could mean that they will be facing abuse. For example; if the service user is receiving abuse from a person but they are hearing impaired and can only communicate using sign language, then it will be best if the care worker knew how to talk in sign language as the service user may only feel
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